How To Cut Stuff: The Basics


The standard is 1/4″  thick slices unless otherwise noted. If you need paper-thin slices, try a mandolin slicer.


Diced, or cubed, chunks are usually about 1/2″ thick. Check your recipe for details. Use a serrated knife for tomatoes.


Think small, keep the pieces under 1/4″ each.


Use a box grater and watch those knuckles! If you have a lot of grating to do, consider using a food processor with a shredding attachment.


Think long and slim, like a matchstick. We recommend using a julienne peeler. It’s an inexpensive tool that looks just like a vegetable peeler, but with extra teeth to cut long, thin strips. You can use it to make veggie “pasta” as well.


Just keep chopping and chopping until you get the smallest pieces possible. This is a common way to prep fresh garlic.


Use a microplane to gently shave the outer surface of citrus fruit.

The Tools You Need

Don’t forget a big, sturdy cutting board!