Do the Work


Sometimes a quote stops you in your tracks, and sticks in your head all day.

I needed to hear this, because I desperately want the revolution but, dammit, I never want to do the dishes. And not just metaphorically, either. When you commit to eating at home, there are always dishes to wash. It never ends. I think back to my teenage Taco Bell days and wistfully remember when “doing the dishes” meant a semi-weekly clean out of crumpled paper bags and soda cups from the floor of my Honda.

Nobody wants to do the dishes: the hard work, the nuts and bolts, the difficult changes, the day-to-day drudgery. But that’s where change happens: in the dozens of tough, tiny choices that we make every day.

So, what’s your revolution? Eating better? Changing the food industry? Healing yourself? Breaking old habits? Whatever it is you are striving for, keep going. Do the work. I’m rooting for all of us.


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About Amanda Krueger

Hi there, I'm Amanda. When I'm not setting off the smoke alarm, I like to push pixels and make websites while listening to Tom Petty. I live with my son on the balmy coast of Virginia.

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