Welcome Guide

Hello, friends and fellow Bad Cooks! I’m so glad you’re here.

While Good Food for Bad Cooks is intended for everyone to enjoyit was written with a few specific “types” of people in mind:

Type 1: The person brand-new to Paleo, Primal, or Real Food.

This person needs simple, delicious recipes, kitchen tips & tricks, and meal planning advice to make this new lifestyle easy AND tasty – with minimal effort and a short learning curve.

Type 2: The person who wants to eat well, with minimal effort.

This person doesn’t want to hone their cooking skills. They definitely don’t watch Food Network for fun. They want a minimum investment for a maximum return.

Type 3: The really, really terrible cook. 

(This one is self-explanatory.)

I’ll admit it: I’m Type 3, all the way.

I’ve been on the “real food” train for awhile – since 2008 – yet despite my experience, and despite the fact that I work hard to spread the word about Real Food through my books (the best-selling Eat the Yolks and The Skintervention Guide), my Real Food Liz website, my Nutritional Therapy practice, and the Balanced Bites Podcast, I’m still not a good cook.

In fact, I’m a really, really terrible cook.

Of course, I get by. I eat healthfully, I take care of my body, and I hum along happily in blissful Bad Cook-ness.

I also burn things, cut myself, use the wrong spices and set off smoke alarms.

I just wasn’t born to dazzle anyone with my cooking skills.

Decent cooks don’t understand this.

They must have some genetic “switch” that enables them to sense when liquid is about to boil over, to know how to chop a vegetable without chopping their finger, and to create elaborate and unique recipe ideas (and the recipes themselves) from scratch. It comes so easy to them – they can’t see how anyone might find it intimidating, uninteresting, or difficult.

Not me. I simply can’t function in the kitchen when living by the standards of the folks who know the difference between fold, blend, and stir.

And guess what? That’s not a deal breaker. Whether you’re new to this lifestyle, not interested in becoming a master chef, a terrible cook, or all of the above, you CAN eat nourishing, healthful food that tastes good and is easy to prepare.

You CAN know your way around the kitchen.

You CAN feel less overwhelmed and more confident.

Good Food for Bad Cooks will help shorten the learning curve. It will give you kitchen tips and tricks from a fellow bad cook who’s making it work (me!) It will give you some amazing go-to EASY meals, how-to videos, handy guides, and MORE real food goodness to send you skipping down the healthy-happy-highway.

Thanks for reading… and welcome to the club!