Stomach Flu: The Struggle is Real


There’s nothing like an exorcist-level stomach flu to keep you in bed, wishing you had the Grim Reaper on speed dial.

I was laid out like this recently, hoping for an unscheduled end-times, when I sent Liz a desperate text: “Help. Nothing is staying down and everything tastes awful. I’m getting dehydrated. Please send Holy water.”

Liz advised me to eat anything that sounded even remotely appealing, and to try my best to keep it as clean and nourishing as possible. At that point I would have consumed seventeen boxes of Cap’n Crunch if I thought it would help. Desperate times, friends.

Alas, even the typical non-nourishing sick foods like ginger ale and crackers didn’t even sound good. So I sucked it up and focused on what I knew would help rid the demons quickly.

Coconut Water

I usually love his stuff but, oh man; getting it down and keeping it there was not a treat. But I’m listing it first because when all of the electrolytes and potassium kicked in it made a big difference – fast. Totally worth it. Coconut water is like Gatorade, but without huge amounts of food dye, corn syrup, and weirdo chemicals. Wait…how is Gatorade even a health thing, again?

Bone Broth

I was lucky to have made a batch of chicken broth before I got sick, and I was grateful to have it on hand. Even more reason to make chicken broth or bone broth and freeze it for emergencies. I just heated some in a mug and added a dash of salt. Not gonna lie: it was not appealing. But the warmth helped and I figured even a few sips would do some good. Liz suggested adding some very soft cooked veggies to the broth, like carrots. I wasn’t ready for anything solid yet…but it’s a great suggestion for when you’ve leveled up from exorcist-sick to zombie-sick.

Sparkling Mineral Water

Gives you the same tingly, home-sick-from-school feelings as ginger ale but without all of the sugar (or more aptly, high fructose corn syrup.) Ginger itself can be stomach settling though, so finding a clean ginger soda to sip could be another good option. Or better yet, try a ginger lemon/lime tonic.

Coconut Oil

When Liz suggested this one, I began to doubt our friendship. How was I going to swallow a spoonful of coconut oil?! In my condition? Was she insane? Then she reminded me of the amazing anti-viral properties of coconut oil. Thanks a lot, smarty pants. And I wanted to get better. So I did it. And it sucked. But I don’t regret it. (I did put a small dab of raw honey on top of the coconut oil, you know, to help the medicine go down and all that jazz.)

And so I got better at last. And without the soda, Gatorade, crackers, toast and other bland but not terribly nourishing foods that are usually recommended when you’re sick. It’s doable. Just be strong. And if things get ugly, find a priest.


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