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Intense meal planning works wonders for some people.

But…um, we are not those people. Maybe you feel our pain? We see a strict schedule and the anarchist inside us lashes out, “Meatloaf on Monday? Ha – I don’t THINK so!” 


Yet even the free spirit in all of us accepts that, at some point, you gotta have a plan. It can be flexible, with room for spontaneous cravings or even kitchen mishaps, as long as you have a basic framework to keep you on track.

Print out these simple menus, grab a pencil (stepping away from technology can be a good thing!) and get your plan started. Display your menu in the kitchen to help you know what you have on hand, what your options are, and what you should prep.


Tips for success:

  • Get on the leftover train. You will burn out trying to come up with unique meal combinations for every day of the week. Work a little redundancy into the system and plan on enjoying leftovers…a lot. Double-batches are a real food lover’s best friend.
  • Cut yourself some slack. You planned to have leftover quiche on Tuesday morning but you woke up just not feeling the eggs. Listen to your body and shuffle that schedule around. There are no prizes awarded for strict menu adherence.
  • Meal plan on Friday. That gives you time to grocery shop over the weekend, make a few things in bulk on Sunday, and get all prepped for a fantastic, successful, healthy week. If Fridays doesn’t jive with your weekly routine, pick a different starting day.