Word to the Bad Cook

Seasoning something “to taste” means you should add small amounts of your preferred seasoning gradually, being sure TO TASTE as you go along because just because you like spicy food “A LOT” doesn’t mean “A LOT” will not ruin an entire pot of chili and severely harm your taste buds.”

So. Add a little of what you THINK you like. Wait. Taste. Add a smidge more, if desired. Taste. Repeat until you’re satisfied.

With “heat” ingredients like cayenne, recipe instructions on the Wild Wild internet often say “to taste.” This is because one person’s idea of “heat” may be another person’s idea of “the fiery pits of Hades” or “heading dead into the fire swamp.”

On a related note, the heat-giving components of spices are fat-soluble. This means that while ice will temporarily cool the burning, you’ll need a fat-containing liquid to help sweep away the heat for good. Otherwise, the burning will just come right back. Try swishing with full-fat milk or coconut milk.

And never, never touch your eyes.

I’ll recover. I hope.


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